Welina Mānoa

Pilot Site Visit

In this section, we will briefly describe the activities for the keiki at Ka Papa Loʻi ʻO Kānewai. The activities were keiki-centered.

We started our tour with Keoki, he told us the story of Ka Papa Loʻi ʻO Kānewai. The story was very interactive for the keiki. They also learned about laulima, the Hawaiian value of working in cooperation.

Then, we went to the poʻowai and learned about the stream. The keiki also learned about the different parts of the body in a song and dance. After, we took our buckets and nets and caught different things in the stream. The keiki really enjoyed this and they got to learn about the creatures that live at Kānewai.

We gathered all the lau (leaves) on the ground so that we could hehihehi (stomp) the lau into the loʻi. There are many reasons for this activity that were explained to the keiki.

In the last part of the tour, we learned about the different kinds of kalo that are grown at Ka Papa Loʻi ʻO Kānewai. Then, the keiki got their hands in the loʻi and huki kalo (pulled the kalo). They learned how to clean, cut, and replant their kalo. Each of the families took home kalo.